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۩ GJL Game Parade 2020 Awards ۩

۞ Community's Pick of Best Overall Game ۞

۞ Top 3 in Best 2D Art ۞

Carp DM is an online text-based social deduction game where Carps must catch the Catfish out in a group conversation.

A minimum of 3 people will need to play together at the same time for this work. Maximum is 8 players!

Newest (non-GJL Submission) Version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/czi5958q928d18v/CarpDM_Build.zip?dl=0


19/10/2020 - Added sounds and private rooms.

22/10/2020 - (Hopefully) added avatar switching, fixed message duplication bug


CarpDM.zip 42 MB

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Download, unzip and play!

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